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My story starts with a little English kid that wanted to travel the world, take pictures and disseminate what he saw.

It ends with working for you, revolutionising your video strategy and content, and being the most effective tool in your arsenal, complimenting the work you do on the street and on the shelves.

The bulk of the narrative is that I've been vegan for around 4 years, and loving every minute of it. I can bring new views to the table, having "recently" become vegan, I'm aware of both sides of the coin. Few of my friends are fully vegan or involved in the movement, and I get to see both worlds without living in one bubble. I know what is effective, affective and divisive, what sways people's vote and what turns them off. Fortunately I am also not as egotistical as this letter needs to be.

I've been shooting photos since I was a kid that regularly got to go on holiday, which quickly developed into a love for video and lead to a degree in Television Production (BA Hons) from Bournemouth University. I was on the most well respected broadcast course in the UK (perhaps all of Europe), as well as being selected to represent the university on a 4 month exchange semester at Ryerson, Toronto.

After completing university 11 years ago, I bought enough equipment to create a mobile production studio, and spent 4 months in Africa creating free fundraising films for a charity providing healthcare to nomadic communities. I needed to pay off the equipment without any costs to them, so created a business making advertising videos for top safari lodges. Ever since, I've run my own successful videography company, with the addition of my wife 5 years ago who shares the pre and post production. We've travelled all over the world (I've been to over 90 countries, shooting in most of them) so I'm used to thinking on my feet, improvising and being 100% independent as well as working as part of a team, whether that's living with the same people for months on end or working with a new crew every day.


Over the years I've shot for every kind of outlet, advertising luxury tourism companies, filming documentaries for the Travel Channel and segments for Daily Planet (Discovery Canada). I was the News Producer for Clipper Round The World Yacht Race 2011/2012, creating news packages for broadcast distribution to news/sports outlets around the world, while also being one of two Shooting Producers that created the Discovery Channel series about the race. I am used to interviewing people for advertising, news and documentary segments, I'm adept at bringing out the necessary information and soundbites from strangers and planning or improvising the best questions for a desired purpose. I now want to spend my time making a tangible change in the world, using my creativity and talent to directly affect people and make a difference to the cause that I'm most passionate about.

I'm used to compiling my own research, whether that's for pitches, content, target demographic information or for my own education and translating that into a documentary or commercial storyline. I have a full production kit including Sony a7Riii, Panasonic GH4, radio mics, drones, etc and edit with FCPX on a new MacBook Pro. I grew up with the development of the internet, computers changing format every few years and phones with buttons, so I know how to adapt to all machines and software.

I don't think you'll find a veganographer that's more suited to this position (in my definitely unbiased opinion), and I'd love to chat more about the opportunity to work together, ideas, and disrupting the industry.
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